About Me

In the early 90s, I developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). I was told it could be "managed," but wasn't curable. I didn't accept that. I had a background in biochemistry, so I began reading dozens of books and papers about subjects ranging from the immune system to detoxification and nutrition. I ended up spending several hundred thousand dollars on doctors, medical testing and specialized clinics. I flew from California to New York and Texas to see the best doctors in the field. I even snuck into a doctors-only conference. I experimented on myself with a wide range of treatments. Eventually, I went as far as designing and building a custom clean house from scratch with centralized filtered air and water, mold and dust free, using all non-toxic building materials.

It took me 3 years, but I was finally able to reverse my MCS. In talking to others with MCS, I found I was one of the few who had success in doing that. Along the way, I learned what worked, and what didn't. Some treatments were cheap, easy and effective, while others were expensive, highly touted, and useless.

A doctor and friend of mine, John Wakefield, once gave me some advice. I was living in California's Silicon Valley at the time. We were talking about the significant air pollution there and its effect on health, and he said, "don't wait too long to move." That thought weighed heavily on me for years. Then, in 2005, while on vacation in New Zealand, my wife and kids and I decided to make the jump. Such wonderful beauty, and good, healthy food and clean air by the sea. It was just a trial at first, but we ended up loving it, and decided to stay.

In 2007, not long after arriving in NZ, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Again, I was told it could be managed, but not cured, and again I didn't accept that. I followed the same process as before: intensive reading, research, and trial-and-error. It took longer this time, but after about 5 yrs, I was told I no longer have diabetes. Two incurable diseases cured!

My health still wasn't perfect, though. I would often describe myself as "80% better," but I felt like something wasn't right. Then in 2016, I developed some new symptoms, and decided I needed to pursue my next phase of treatment more seriously. I began seeing a Functional Medicine doctor who is science and evidence based like me, and who is also open to discussion and new ideas. Together, we began the process of testing and the now-familiar trial-and-error treatments. I felt like I was making some progress, but it was very slow going. Then, after a series of tests, she diagnosed me with CIRS. That was a big turning point. After treatment began, I could quickly feel myself making progress again, for the first time in many years. I read and listened to everything I could find on the subject, and developed an in-depth understanding of Shoemaker's CIRS protocol and the science behind it. It was fascinating to me partly because it fit so well with my previous experience and knowledge. I am still on that path.

Along the way through all of this, I became fascinated with alternative cancer treatments. There are a number of interesting overlaps between cancer and EI/MCS/CFIDS. Some of the same treatments are effective for both conditions. In addition to my extensive reading and research, I connected with an alternative cancer treatment clinic in Mexico, and learned a lot from them. A personal friend of mine got cancer, went to that clinic, and had some good success. I also continued to hear and read about people who successfully went into remission, and noticed a number of commonalities in their treatments. Immunotheraphy, for example, can be very effective, even in advanced-stage disease. For a while, I had a business where I researched the literature for people with cancer, and suggested alternative treatments that were backed by sound science. I can provide the same type of information now as a health coach.

I would like to invite you to discuss your health issues, concerns and questions with me. Let's work together to achieve your health goals!

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